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We focus on Client and quality. We offer services oriented on content of services and not on amount of them.

Communication and leadership are vital to keeping our projects running smoothly from start to finish. We offerqualified project services to lead projects with high demands on teamwork and with a focus on results. We achieve this by our qualified, experienced and innovative team. We offer solutions for the life cycle management of individual properties and construction projects for both the real estate owners and users.

Our services range from the complete service package to various limited assignments from different studies to the services of the guarantee period.

We help our clients by providing market information and with drawing up requests for proposals anddrafting service descriptions and agreement documents. We also offer complete tender analysis.

We assist our clients in the agreement negotiation process of tender competitions and in managing the relationships of the service providers. We take care of the supervision and the reporting process and perform frequent inspections and tests in the project’s commissioning phase.

During the guarantee period we always advise the Client for the smooth maintenance of the building.

Our  condition studies focus on the condition of the structures, building elements and technical systems at the time of the inspection.  As an outcome, our clients receive a summary of the technical condition of the property and the report on repair needs.

Our services are covered by insurance issued by AS If Eesti Kindlustus in amount of 325000 EUR.

Fit-Out full service

Finding a location where to set up your business and creating a positive milieu plus achieving a high-quality and functional working environment is one of the most complex challenges for any organisation. In addition to numerous short-term tasks, you also have to take into account the long-term impact on employees, customers, and productivity in general. Read more.

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