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About us

PROJECTOR is an expert in consulting, construction management and supervision services for all the life cycle phases of different investment projects. Founded in 2004, we have focused on projects in Estonia and in other Baltic states. Our offices are located in Tallinn, Tartu and Riga. Starting from 2012 we are represented also in Vilnius.
Our clients acting in all three Baltic states can easily turn to us in closest location for them, either in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius or Tartu.

Commitment to offering trust-based, value-adding and professional services makes us a reliable partner. We provide our clients with a professional service package for project life cycles in the construction and property sectors, including services for tenant support related to maintenance.

We offer solutions for projects of different sizes and types, supporting the client’s business operations. We act as the client’s representative, leaving the client free to concentrate on their own business activities. With our technical approach we advise our clients in taking action to reach the set goals.


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